Making Sense Out of
Commercial Real Estate
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Distressed Assets

Unoccupied space, declining rents, poor property management, insolvent tenants and functionally obsolete designs are just a few of the many variables that can create distress.  When distressed conditions surface, borrowers must quickly implement corrective strategies to preserve cash flow and avoid default conditions.

When a lender is required to take action CusickFinancial possesses the experience and ability to quickly intervene and create  win-win strategies.  Whether acting as a financial advisor, expert or asset manager, Cusick
Financial can quickly cut to the chase because it understands  the needs of both the lender and borrower. This understanding is based on:

1. Five years of combined RTC and FDIC

2. Over 10 years of special servicing
    and private asset management

3.  Seven years of experience
     representing borrowers;

3. Extensive experience managing loan
    and real estate owned assets;

4. Strong financial structuring skills; and

5. A comprehensive knowledge of real
    estate and bankruptcy law.
Cusick Financial