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Procedures Development

All companies require operating procedures but many managers do not have the time nor resources to create or update their manuals.  As a result, manuals become dated and are often not revised until a regulatory authority or rating agency prioritizes the need.  CusickFinancial enjoys writing procedures because it knows what needs to be documented and works closely with your management team to ensure that nothing is missed.  We can write procedures from scratch or provide help updating an old manual.  We have written operating procedures for almost every commercial mortgage lending function including:

•  Servicing

•  Special Servicing

•  Loan Accounting

•  Loan Originations

•  Loan Underwriting

•  Surveillance

•  Borrower Consents

•  CMBS Acquisitions

In addition to documenting operating procedures, CusickFinancial works closely with your management team ensure that your work is being completed efficiently, that appropriate controls are in place and that current industry-accepted tools are being utilized.  CusickFinancial uses Microsoft Visio to chart workflow and identify potential bottlenecks.

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