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Commercial Real Estate
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Borrower Representation

CusickFinancial has guided numerous clients through the arduous debt restructuring process.  With a strong background in commercial lending and equity real estate, Cusick Financial can quickly develop win-win solutions that maximize value for both the borrower and lender.  With over 20 years of commercial workout experience, Cusick Financial  fully understands the workout process and the many loan structures that are being used today by commercial lenders.
Cusick Financial
Prior to recommending any strategy, Cusick Financial performs a detailed market and financial analysis to identify each property’s strengths and weaknesses.  Cusick Financial also works closely with each owner to identify specific property needs that are central to the asset’s repositioning.  After a plan has been created, a workout strategy is developed and presented to the lender.  Strategies vary greatly and are dependent on numerous variables ranging from the capital resources of the owner to current supply and  demand conditions within the immediate market.
If you are a borrower looking for help restructuring a CMBS loan, please take a look at our Borrower’s Handbook below or give us a call at 301.675.6068.
CMBS Borrower's Handbook 2011.pdf